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Message from Phil

ORM implemented our response to COVID-19 last week. As part of this our staff have been asked to work remotely and to isolate as much as is workable for their circumstances. For the foreseeable future, we won’t be able to meet in person. However we will continue to provide the same level of service and support to our clients, through phone and video conference.

We are all operating in uncertain times right now. Seeing these conditions change daily, it is practical for us to focus on the tasks at hand.

  1. Keep people and the community safe
  2. Ag is an essential service industry, so keep doing it well
  3. Maintain focus on what we can control

Staff and Community

COVID-19 is a highly communicable disease and transmission is rapid. Stringent hygiene practices, physical distance and isolation, is the best defense we currently have against it’s spread. Refer to the Australian Government Department of Health website here.

With multiple people operating equipment on-farm, machinery is one of the primary infection risk hot spots. Allocating individual staff to operate each machine is a way to reduce this risk. Where this is not practical, disinfecting practices should be implemented at driver changeovers. Provide hand sanitiser in all equipment, along with disinfectant sprays for contact surfaces and disposable gloves, for use while operating equipment. Maintaining isolation will be the best defense for everyone working on farm.

Managing the season

Agriculture is well positioned to meet the challenge of COVID-19, it will be supported to continue operations as an essential service in Victoria.

Each season presents new challenges, for the most part it’s going to be business as usual for our clients and for ORM. For instance, this year will be about protecting the health and well-being of ourselves, family and our employees. Along with managing the availability of essential cropping and livestock inputs, as well as the one offs such as machinery parts.

Focus on what we can control

It is important to focus on managing the things we can control. Adhering to the recommended guidelines for maintaining isolation, physical distance and excellent hygiene on-farm, will consequently provide the highest level of available protection.

Factor in the unknowns which will impact, by planning to increase your preparation times. For instance, concentrate on the tasks each day/week/month that need to be achieved. There will be challenges that is assured, above all maintain communication with your support services, agronomists, advisers and call on them as needed.

We are implementing new systems to support you. As a result ORM is ready to assist in any way required, to ensure our clients are well prepared and can continue to be the leaders in our strong ag industry.


Phil O’Callaghan


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