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Welcome to the Grains Research Update newsletter: Issue 54 – August 2018

Grains Research Update newsletters showcase the topics, presentations and speakers included in the GRDC Grains Research Update program.  They are designed to extend the footprint of the GRDC extension program by providing relevant and topical information to readers that is factual or principle based and backed by research or case study examples.

In this edition:

  1.  GRDC Grains Research Update diary dates: 2019
  2.  Using fungicide strategically
  3.  Rethinking your approach to canola harvesting
  4.  I SPY
  5.  Sustainable peak performance for advisers
  6.  Grains Research Updates: Getting the message out!
  7.  21st Australasian Weeds Conference
  8.  WeedSmart Week
  9.  GRDC Publications

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Rethinking your approach to canola harvesting

Illustration of the balance needed between increasing yields and increasing potential losses with advancing maturity. Source: Maurie Street