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Welcome to the Farm Business Update newsletter: Issue 49 – December 2018

Farm Business Update newsletters showcase the topics, presentations and speakers included in the GRDC Farm Business Update program.  They are designed to extend the footprint of the GRDC extension program by providing relevant and topical information to readers that is factual or principle based and backed by research or case study examples.

In this edition:

  1. GRDC Farm Business Update dates: 2019
  2. Dealing with a ‘clanger’ season
  3. Managing risk in mixed livestock and cropping systems
  4. Succession – why viability is critical to the process
  5. Plant and machinery – heart or head?
  6. GRDC Farm Business Management Publications

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Cam Nicholson, Nicon Rural, Geelong, Victoria will be presenting at the Western Australian GRDC Farm Business Updates in February, 2019.

His topic is ‘Decisions, Decisions: Stress testing your farm decision thinking by building your own practical decision matrix’. Refer to Section 1 for registration details.