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By Jane Crane

Change is inevitable – that is a common catch cry. It does not matter if you are a business owner or an employee; there is no avoiding it and sometimes it is your role to instigate change and at other times you are on the receiving end. Regardless of your role, there are some important points to acknowledge and knowing these points has helped me put change into perspective and not find it as daunting.

My light bulb moment came during a ‘rabbit burrow’ journey on my search for a speaker for a recent industry conference program. I work with the ORM Communications team and was researching potential speakers to present on the topic of ‘how to bring about change’.


The work that stuck with me was by Jason Clarke which he summarises in his TEDx talk titled Embracing Change. I valued Jason’s presentation because it:

  1. Helps position your thoughts when it is your task to bring about change.
  2. Helps position yourself when you are on the receiving end of the suggested change.
My key take home messages were this: You have the choice to close your mind, lose a rare opportunity to make change for the right to say, ‘I told you so’ OR you could give it a fair chance and open your mind and risk disappointment for the chance of making a difference (summarised in the table below); the ‘sweet spot’ is highlighted in green.

As the instigator of change, if you want to make it happen, you have the responsibility to suggest opportunities for change that are not phony and are going nowhere. You also need to own the change; take control of how it is going to happen.

As the receiver of change, you have the responsibility of giving the change a fair chance; open your mind and risk disappointment for the chance of making a difference.


My role with ORM exposed me to this thought-provoking speaker and it was one ‘rabbit burrow’ I enjoyed travelling down. It has made me aim for the green box whether I am the instigator or the receiver of change.

Hopefully you’ll find some time to check out Jason Clarke’s TEDx talk and it too will open your mind to review possible opportunities for ‘practice change’.


Reference: Jason Clarke’s TEDx talk : click here

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